Zuchu Biography, Age, Family, and her music journey

Welcome back to our Biography segment. Today we are going to cover Zuchu biography. Am sure a lot of people have heard about her although you may need some more information about this beautiful lady.

Zuchu age and her real name.

She was born on 22nd November 1993. Her real name is Zuhura othman soud. Zuchu was born in Zanzibar in a place called Kwahani. She was born in Mnazi mmoja hosipital in Zanzibar.

Zuchu education

Zuchu went to school around his home ground. Her primary and O level education took place in Zanzibar. This happens to a lot of people, parents take their kids to school near their home area.

After completing her O level, Zuhura Othman went to India for more studies. This is where he joined University where he studied business and economics. In India, she also studied commerce and computer science.

After graduating with an advanced diploma, Zuchu returned to Zanzibar. When she was young, she wanted to be a Lawyer but her mum refused, terming it as a cursed career. Her mother urged some lawyers can stand on false accusations even if they know the truth.

Zuchu childhood

zuchu child photos

Zuchu used to love music since she was in primary school. Her parent even warned the teachers not to involve their daughter in any music group fearing she may never concentrate on her studies. According to her mother, Zuhura Othman started showing musical interest even before joining kindergarten.

When she was young, she never had a good time with her mother who is Khadija Kopa. The reason is that her mother is also a musician and she was a bit held up with her music concert which mostly happened in Dar es salam.

She was raised in a family with a music background since her mother and her father were both musicians. Her late brother Omar Kopa was also in the music industry. Being from a musical family was not easy for Zuchu. At school, a lot of people blamed her for what her mother was. Her mother does Taarab music which many people used to associate with evil women.

Zuchu family

zuchu mother and father

Since Khadija Kopa was not always available at home, Omar Kopa was like a mother and a father to Zuchu.  Both were very close and they loved each other. When Omar Kopa died, Zuchu wasn’t notified until her brother was buried. Maybe her family were not ready to deal with Zuchu’s reactions since she loved her late brother a lot.

When she was interviewed with Wasafi Tv, Zuchu said up to know, she still don’t believe that her brother passed away. She added that she can’t even listen to his brother’s songs since she will end up crying. If she encounters anyone listening to any of her late brother songs, she usually requests that person to turn off the music.

Her brother died when she was in class in class 5 and up to now, Zuchu doesn’t even have an idea where her brother’s grave is.

Zuchu father

His father separated from her mother when Zuchu was still young. She never had an opportunity to share a lot of moments with her father. Her father was a police and that made it difficult for the two to spend time together since her father was always busy.

When she was young, Zuchu used to visit his father in his workplace carrying all sorts of gifts for him. She remembers one time she wrote a letter to her father asking for money, His father travelled back home where he gave Zuchu 20 million. According to Zuchu, this was one of the greatest moments. At that time 20 million were a lot of money in Tanzania.

When Zuchu was in India, she decided never to call her father although he had his mobile phone number. Zuchu wanted to know whether her father can make an effort of looking for her even without Zuchu calling him.

zuchu father

Zuchu’s Father never bothered to call her. Zuchu decided to write an SMS to her father who just responded with “OK”. This made Zuchu mad, she even decided never to talk to her father again. Some years later is when Zuchu received some news that her father was not feeling well.

Khadija kopa and Zuchu decided to visit Zuchu’s ailing father. After arriving, Zuchu’s father started crying in disbelief. He never expected Zuchu could even visit him after all that he did to her. Zuchu never asked her father anything to do with her last SMS.

Zuchu’s Music journey

Zuchu Biography concentrates more on her music journey. According to her, her music success is God’s favour. She thanks both her mother and Wasafi label for supporting her music career. It took her some time to have a song together with diamond. Her first song with diamond Platnumz was titled Cheche. Cheche was released almost the same time with Litawachoma and both songs did well

Zuchu and diamond platnumz relationship

Zuchu and diamond platnumz relationship

A lot of people has been thinking the two are in love. According to Zuchu, she has never been in a relationship with any musician including Diamond platnumz who is her boss. Zuchu respects her boss so much and he can never be in love with him since it will affect her music career. He fears her boss in such a way that, there are some personal issues she can’t even discuss with him

She was nominated as The best upcoming musician in the year 2020. She won the award and according to her, Nomination alone was a big step in her music career. Zuchu respect Nandy a lot and she won’t have any problem with fans who usually compare her with Nandy.

She has done a lot of collabo with big artists but up to now, her favourite collabo is the one she did with Rayvanny, My number one. Zuchu is now well known in the whole world and most of her songs are doing great internationally. That’s all we have for now about Zuchu Biography, Keep it here for more updates.

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