Vera Sidika – Popstar

Vera Sidika has been trending for some days now after claiming her additional buttocks were having complications and he underwent surgery to reduce them. Everyone thought Vera Sidika had a new look after uploading a photo of hers showing her reduced buttock. Little did they know it was just a marketing strategy to release her new song titled Popstar.

To listen and download Vera Sidika – Popstar, follow the link provided. Kindly comment on your view about Vera Sidika’s idea of marketing and let us know whether you support her or not.

vera sidika new look

Watch Vera Sidika – Popstar video here

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Popstar is the new song by Vera sidika. Many people were not happy with the kind of marketing strategy Vera used to promote her coming project. Her clout chasing was termed as a very dangerous one because he was giving false information about her health. A lot of people even wished her worse with her body health.

Brown Mauzo who is now Vera Sidika husband supported the whole idea claiming that whatever Vera is going through he will be always there for her and he will always love her no matter what. For those who don’t know this lady, Vera Sidaka is a Luhya who has been socialite for some years before she decided to settle down with Brown Mauzo.

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