Susumila Ft Mbosso – Sonona : Susumila Biography

Susumila is an artist from the coast. He has done collabos with some big artists who including Mbosso. To download Susumila Ft Mbosso – Sonona, follow the link provided.

Susumila Ft Mbosso – Sonona ( Download here)

Susumila Biography

Susumila real names are Yusuf Kombo. He was born on April 30, 1983. He was nicknamed Kanali being his first stage name. Susumila used to be a group name and after separating from his partner Escober. Yusuf Kombo decided to continue using Susumila as his stage name.

Susumila started his music career in 1999 but at this time he was entertaining his schoolmates. Later, Susumila collaborated with Nyota Ndogo in 1999 where he was featured in one of her songs called, “Take Care”

Susumila music career

In 2007, Susumila recorded “Siasa duni”. This song was very big and I can say that it was his breakthrough in his music career. The song received a lot of airplay and it was used by the human rights society of Kenya.

In 2015, he rebranded his music from hip-hop to Afro-pop. He released Kidekide featuring Dazlah, Hidaya featuring Chikuze and Ngoma Itambae featuring Chikuze.  These songs did well in the whole of East Africa and later he did another collabo with Avril.

Other artists who worked with Susumila include, Lavalava and Mbosso all the way from Tanzania

Susumila wife and family

Susumila is Married to Ruth Jimmy but they once separated after marrying Kibibi Salim. After one year with Kibibi Salim, Susumila filed a divorce and they separated with Kibibi. After separating from Kibibi, Susumila and Ruth reunited and at the moment they are together.

Listen to: Mbosso Ft. Zuchu


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