Stamina ft Marissa – Paradiso

Stamina ft Marissa – Paradiso is full of creativity. The song is talking about those people who don’t take care of their close people when they are alive and wait when someone is dead to praise him and contribute.

Stamina has been working with Roma Mkatoliki. They have many projects together which are still receiving massive airplay both international and local.

Nowadays Roma is said to be living outside Tanzania but he is still releasing single projects

Roma, Ney was Mitego and Stamina are the most feared artist in Tanzania. They once released a controversial song that was the talk of the town.

The group was under the management of Respect entertainment which is under Chief Kiumbe and Musa babaz.

Marissa is a new female artist with a great voice. The combination of the two artists is one of the best. To download follow the link provided.

(download here)

You can also watch Marissa video by stamina attached below.

Also listen to, Ney was mitego – Kwani unaogopa

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