Samidoh Biography, wife, Age, Family and net worth

Samidoh is one of the successful Kikuyu musicians. Although he is a vernacular artist, he is most loved by many people who even don’t understand the Kikuyu language. His relationship with Karen Nyamu made him more popular. Keep it here for more information about Samidoh Biography, Wife, Age, Family and net worth.

Samidoh age, Real names and place of birth.

Samodoh real name is Samuel Muchoki. He was born in 1990 meaning as the year 2022, Samidoh is 31 years old. Samidoh is from the Kikuyu tribe born in Nakuru county in a famous place known as Subukia’

Samidoh was born in a family of 6 brothers who include, two older brothers and three younger brothers. He is the fourth born and he lost his father when he was just three years. This means, he never enjoyed being raised by two-parent.

Samodoh childhood life was not that easy. After the death of her mother, some members of his extended family decided to chase them away taking whatever belonged to them.

This forced them to relocate from Subukia Nakuru to Nyandarua county in a place known as Oljororok. His school life was a mess since he spent his school life without his mother who was their breadwinner.

Samodoh education background

Although he had a rough time, Samidoh was able to complete his education. First, Samidoh attended Oljororok Primary School but later dropped to assist his family by providing them with basic needs.

He later joined Kieni primary school before joining Kieni secondary school for his O’ Level education. After his secondary education, Samodoh joined Kenya Polytechnic university where he studied business information and technology.

Not many people knew that Samidoh is a police officer. He said so at several interviews mentioning the places he has worked as a police officer.

The place he worked includes, Mpeketoni in Lamu, Eastleigh and Daabab. At the moment he is stationed at Athi river police station.

Samidoh Music Carreer

He must thank one of his brothers who was a member of Kamande was Kioi Band. His brother supported him a lot although his music interest started when he was still young. Samidoh was an active member of the church choir and he also participated in his school music festival.

Samidoh music journey started in 2016 when he started as a background vocal artist. He later released his first famous song titled “Ndiri Mutwe mwega”. This was one of the big songs in the whole Kikuyu land which has more than 3.5 million views on youtube

Samidoh wife and children

samidoh wife biography

Although he is said to be in a relationship with Karen Nyamu, Samidoh is happily married to a very beautiful wife. Samidoh wife is called Edith Muchoki Nderitu. They have two kids at the moment namely Michael and Shirleen. Samidoh is said to have a third kid with Karen Nyamu.

After confessing that he was the father of Karen Nyamu kid, Samidoh took in the social media where he asked for forgiveness from his wife and his fans. For those who don’t know Karen Nyamu, She is a Lawyer by profession and she was among the politician who vied for Nairobi women representative 2017 elections.

Samidoh Net worth

Samidoh is one of the richest musicians in Kenya. He always has gigs almost every weekend in different places in Kenya. Samidoh sells his music album and he also gets a lot of money from digital downloads sales. As I said before, Samidoh is also a police officer meaning he also gain more money from his police career.

There you go, that is all we have for now concerning Samidoh Biography. Hope you have enjoyed our article. Keep it here for more information.

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