Ruger Biography, Real names, Age, Girlfriend and family.

Ruger is now considered one of the top ten artists in Africa. He usually wears an eye path to cover one of her eyes. Ruger has so far released a lot of hit songs that are doing great internationally. In this article, we will cover more about Ruger Biography, Real names, Age, Girlfriend and family.

Ruger real name and date of birth.

The rising African star was born in 1999 in Lagos state in Nigeria. His real name is Micahel Adebayo. Ruger is 23 years old and he came to the limelight immediately after he was signed by Jonzing world record. The signing deal took place on 18th January 2020.

Ruger Music journey

As for many artists, Ruger was an active member of his village church choir when he was still young. He used to lead the choir as a vocalist. Ruger started composing his own song when he was still in school.

When his school was having events, Ruge was one of the performers and many loved him for his performance capability. I can say that this is the time when he realised that he was talented.

While still in school, Ruger recorded his first song titled “One shirt featuring D prince and Rema. D’ Prince and Rema are both great artists in Nigeria and collaborating with them was one of the greatest ideas.

Ruger Net worth

His music is selling on an all-digital platform. He is now one of the upcoming millionaires. At the moment, Ruger is expected to be worth over $ 25,000. He has flashy cars and a beautiful house.

Is Ruger blind in one eye?

Ruger Biography, Real names, Age, Girlfriend and family.

When being interviewed, Ruger stated that his eyes are functioning well. When he was asked why he prefer covering it with an eye path, Ruger responded that he do so to show some respect to someone close to him. He refused to give more detail about the person saying doing so is kind of disrespectful.

Ruger girlfriend and relationship

We still don’t have information about his wife or girlfriend. Ruger has never shared or talked about his relationship in any media house. As soon as we get information about Ruger relationship, we will let you know.

Ruger contact

Just in case you would like to communicate with this great musician, you can follow him on his social media handles as named below

  • Intagram: @rugeofficial
  • Twiter : @rugeofficial

That is all the information we have for now about Ruger Biography, Real names, Age, Girlfriend and family. Keep it here for more information.

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