Rose Muhando Biography, Age, Education and Children

She is a female gospel artist from Tanzania. Rose Muhando is well known for her powerful performance. Her songs are full of energy and the message in her songs is always inspiring. Though she is full of controversies, Rose Muhando receive a lot of support from members of the public. To learn more about Rose Muhando Biography, Age, Education and Children, Keep it here.

Rose Nuhando age and Education

Rose Muhando was born in a place known as Dumili in Morogoro Tanzania. She was born in 1976 and this means as of 2022, Rose Muhando is 46 years old Up to now, we don’t have many details about her education level but as soon we have the information we will keep you updated.

Rose Muhando Family

She comes from a Muslim family and her father is a well known Sheikh in Tanzania. Rose Muhando is the last born in her family and she was brought up in a staunch  Muslim background. She has been a Muslim for some years until 1989 when she became ill.

Her family tried every doctor but her condition was becoming worse day by day. They even tried to get assistance from witch doctors but it was all in vain.

One day, Rose Muhando requested her family to take her to a separate room so that she can wait for her death without the presence of her parents. They fulfilled her request although they decided to keep an eye on her.

As she was once interviewed by Citizen, Rose Muhando stated that a miracle happened that night. She saw some lights and as she was looking where the light was coming from, she had a voice saying, “Am Jesus and I have healed you, Be health, arise and serve me”

In the morning when Rose Muhando woke up, She found she was fully healed. Her parent witnessed all that happened although they never had the voice. Everyone was confused and many didn’t believe her. That is when Rose made a decision to be a Christian after informing her father.

Rose Muhando Husband and Children

Some weeks ago, Rose Muhando was overheard in an interview saying that she wasn’t to be married to a white man. According to Muhando, The white man must have money. As we speak, Rose Muhando is single although she has 3 children.

The three children are still studying. Milian who is the last born is still at high school, Gift who is the firstborn is studying law at Tumaini Universist while Nicholus the second born is studying finance.

That is all we have for now concerning Rose Muhando Biography, Age, Education and Children. Keep it here for more updates.

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