Ringtone Biography, Age, Education, real name and wife

Ringtone Biography

Ringtone is a gospel artist from Kenya. He has a lot of scandals and he is best in looking for attention from the public. Ringtone believes that he is the richest artist in East Africa after Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania. In this article, we will discuss more concerning Ringtone Biography, Age, Education, real name and wife.

Ringtone date of birth and real name

A lot of people knows him as ringtone but his real name is Alex Apoko. Ringtone was born in 1994 in Kisii county. As for 2022, Ringtone is 38 years old. Rightone was left by his mother when he was still young. According to Ringtone, his mother left him outside bar where his father was working.

By bad luck, Rightone’s dad never reported to work on that night. Ringtone spent the whole night outside that bar. His uncle recogonized him and decided to take him to his grandmother who was well know as in the village as “Chang’aa” seller. Ringtone was brought up by his grandmother.

Ringtone parents and family

As i mentioned before, Ringtone Apoko was brought up by his grandmother. His parent left him when he was still young. His grandmother was not that well off and she used her little money which she was getting from selling local brew known as Chang’aa to raise ringtone.

Ringtone was not lucky. After two years, he lost his grandmother thus forcing him to start street life. Life beame tough for ringtone because it wasn’t easy to survive in the street but he had no otherwise but to cope with street life.

Education Backgroud of Ringtone Apoko

It not well known where Ringtone attended his primary education. The information we have for now is that Ringtone attended Mombasa high school for his secondary education.

Ringtone Apoko music journey

He realized he was talented when he was still at high school. His first songs were recorded in Tabasam record, a coast based recording studio. Ringtone started beef with his fellow artist and seeking attention when he was still in Coast. Since he was recording in the same studio with Gabriel Mwamuye, the Mwachie mungu hitmaker, Ringtone had a fight with him claiming to be better than him.

So far, Ringtone has recording a lot of singles and collabo with famous artist like Rose Muhando, Daddy owen, Gloria Muliro and many more artists.

Ringtone songs

Ringtone has recorded more than 200 songs. Some of Ringtone Apoko songs which are well known include;

His song with Rose Muhando tittled walionicheka has over 6.7 million views on youtube. Ringtone Apoko youtube channel has more than 155k subcribers.

Ringtone net worth

This guy drive most expensive car and he has a big house which costed him a lot of money. We still don’t know which other business this guy does because, according to some sources,Ringtone net worth is more than 800 milions.

Ringtone wife.

Ringtone and Azziad

Ringtone claims to be single and up to now he is not married. There was a time she was said to be engaged with Azziad but both of them rejected the allegation terming them as fake news. He sometime said that he wanted to be engaged with Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz Ex wife but we came to realize that he was just doing clout chasing.

That is all we have for now concerning Ringtone Biography, Age, Education, real name and wife, keep it here for more updates

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