Rayvanny Biography, Age, Family and music journey

A lot of people knows him as Rayvanny but his real name is Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa. Most love his songs and this is not only in Tanzania but the whole world recognize him.  For those people who have been asking our team to cover Rayvanny Biography, just get a chair and a coffee as we are about to begin.

Rayvanny’s life has never been that smooth before being in the limelight. He is an artist from Tanzania with a capability of Singing, Songwriting and performing.  Although he now owns his music label popularly known as Next level music, He is still under WCB which is owned by Diamond platnumz.

His first song to be released under WCB was Kwetu”. This song was recorded in 2016. This song was great and most people know Rayvanny through this song. This does not mean that he never recorded other songs before. He used to record a lot of songs but they never made it. You can listen to kwetu song attached below.

Rayvanny joined WCB in the year 2015. He spent a whole year at the label before releasing a single song. As I said, the first song by Ryvanny was released in 2016. Maybe he was trying to understand the music industry before releasing his first single or he was also being trained a few things by his boss before releasing his first single.

Rayvanny achievements

Rayvanny was somehow lucky. In the year 2017, He was made it to the BET awards. He was among the artists who were listed to be on The bet viewers choice Best new international Act”  music category.

Rayvanny won the award and he was the second artist to win such an Award in East Africa. The first artist to win this award was Eddy Kenzo who won The bet viewers choice Best new international Act award in 2015.

After releasing his dubbed flower Ep in 2020, Rayvanny made it to the list of Grammy awards. This was a great achievement because he was the first artist in East Africa to be on such a list.

How old is Rayvanny

Rayvanny was born on August 23, 1993. He was born at a place known as Mbeya in Tanzania. His parents were not well off so his life was full of hardship. The great thing is that his parents were very supportive and they could do anything to assist Rayvanny.

Rayvanny has a brother whose name is Shadrack. He graduated a few days ago from Ardhi University in Tanzania.

Rayvanny music career

Rayvanny Family and relationship

Rayvanny started having music interests when he was still in primary school. He participated in the freestyle rap battle which was organized by Serengeti and he was announced the winner. In 2011, Rayvanny participated in a school music festival up to the national level where he also won the competition.

Rayvanny started his music career back in the year 2012 being a member of Tiptop connection which was under Babu tale. He used to be Madee Ali backup singer and also worked with ya moto band some years back. He learned a lot when he was at Tip Top connection and he was ready to do his own project.

When he was still at Tiptop, Diamond had a chance to listen to his music and he requested the Tiptop management to allow Rayvanny to work under WCB. This was 2015 when Rayvanny joined WCB. This was one of his great achievements and I can say this is when his musical journey started. Due to his capability to compose good songs, it was possible for him to be recognized fast. In the Year 2016, Rayvanny released his hit single Kwetu which is a big song up to date.

Rayvanny Family and relationship

Rayvanny wife photos

He was in a relationship with Fayhima also known as Fayvanny a fashionist. They have a child together who’s name is Jaydan Vanny. At the moment they are not together but they both provide for the kid. At the moment, Rayvanny is said to be engaged with Paula, Daughter of Kajala, Harmonize ex-girlfriend.

Awards won by Rayvanny so far

Awards won by Rayvanny so far

In the year 2016, he was nominated for BET awards as a Best international act. This was a great achievement although he never won.  The same year, he was also nominated as best newcomer in African music magazine awards but he didn’t win.

The first award he won was Start awards as the best male artist of the year 2019. The event took place in Johannesburg South Africa. Still, in 2016, Rayvanny won another award in the Annual African entertainment awards in the U.S.A as the best male artiste in East, south and north Africa category.

In 2017, Rayvanny participated at Coke studio where he got an opportunity to work with Dji Tafinha. Some other artist who worked with Rayvanny at coke studio includes, Jason Derulo and Bebe cool. They worked on a song which was titled as push up on it.

He was back in Coke studio in 2019 where he worked with Naiboi and Laizer classic.

Artist signed by Rayvanny at Next level music label.

It is some months now since Rayvanny started his own music label. So far he has signed one artist whose name is Macvoice. This artist has released a couple of songs which are now available on all music download platforms

Rayvanny and Harmonize Beef

Rayvanny paula masanja

In the year 2021, Harmonize and Rayvanny started a war over Paula daughter of Kajala. Harmonize blamed Rayvanny for seducing Paula arguing that Paula was still young to be involved in love affairs. Rayvanny fought back and blamed Harmonize for sharing his nude photos with Paula. At that time all this was happening, Harmonize was in a relationship with Kajala who si Paula’s mother

Rayvanny Youtube account

Rayvanny joined Youtube on March 17 2016 immediately after releasing his song. His youtube channel has grown very first and as we talk, more than 600 million people have viewed his videos. The channel has more than 3 million subscribers. Some years back he was awarded youtube gold by a youtube company after gaining a million subscribers.

There you have it, that is all we have for now about Rayvanny Biography. Kindly keep on following our site for more updates

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