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When we talk about talent, Otile Brown always comes into our minds. He is one of the talented male artists in Kenya. He usually receives massive support and love from women and that’s why his songs always trend. Otile Brown biography has a lot to be covered so get a seat and let us do this.

Otile Brown date of birth

This talented artist was born in Kisumu on 21st March 1994. His family consist of three brothers and one sister. Otile Brown has no parents, they both died. Otile Brown whose real name is Jacob Obunga grew up in Mombasa Kenya, a place known as Mikindani. This is where his family relocated a few years after he was born.

His life was not that simple after his parent died. He used to hawk local alcohol for his survival. Otile brown hate being asked about his parent whether in media or anywhere.

Music journey

After some time, Otile Brown relocated to Nairobi where. At the age of 12, Otile discovered that he had a talent for music and that is when he started composing songs.

In 2013, Otile was supposed to meet with Mzazi Willy M where he was supposed to deliver his first song. As he was waiting for Willy Tuva, Jalango passed by and they had a discussion about his music.

At that time, Otile used to do rap music and most people supported him especially his friends who were close to him. Otile started singing after meeting with Jalang’o who advised him to try singing instead of rapping.

Jalango gave him an option to choose between two producers to work with, He was supposed to choose either Dr Eddie or Wyre the love child. Since Wyre was busy at that moment, they both agreed to work with Dr Eddie.

Jalongo paid for his first project both audio and video. Later, Dr Eddie signed Otile Brown under his management. After some years, Otile decided to exit from Dreamland music Entertainment owned by Dr Eddie.

The exit was not that easy for Otile Brown since Dr Eddie prohibited Otile from performing all the songs he recorded with him. We still don’t have enough information why the two stopped working together.

His exit from Dreamland music Entertainment never affected Otile Brown as many thought. He is still working hard and releasing more hit songs each and every day.

Otile Brown tribe

If you listen to his songs you will definitely think that he comes from either Tanzania or the coast. He is a good Swahili writer and if you listen to “Alivyonipenda”, one of his favourite songs, you will understand what am talking about.

Otile Brown is a Luo. His good Swahili may be due to being raised in Mombasa Kenya. Most people from Nyanza have black completion but Otile Brown is somehow different and that is why he choose his stage name “Brown”.

Otile Brown wife

He once dated Vera Sidika. Although their relationship didn’t last for long, it helped Otile brown to be recognized by a lot of people all over the world since Vera Sidika is famous in many countries. They later separated after dating for some months, Vera Sidika is now married to Brown Mauzo.

At the moment Otile Brown is dating Nabayet, a beautiful lady from Ethiopia. Otile Brown don’t post her girlfriend on his social media as he used to do with Vera Sidika. The two have been in a relationship for some years now and we are expecting them to marry soon.

Otile Brown history with women is not that appealing and many people thought that he was just using his Ethiopian girlfriend. After some rumours that he was separating from his girlfriend, Otile brown released “Nabayet” song which was dedicated to his girlfriend.

Otile Brown net worth

His primary source of money is music. He is one of the highest-paid artists in Kenya. Otile brown also run some business which includes shoe shops located both in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Most of his music videos has more than 10 million views meaning he also receives a lot of money through his youtube channel and online streaming.

Frequently asked questions about Otile Brown

  1. Otile brown Family – He is from a family of four siblings, one sister and three brothers
  2. What is Otile Brown real name? – Otile brown real name is Jacob Obunga
  3. Where is Otile Brown from? – Otile brown was born in Kisumu
  4. How Old is Otile Brown now? – As of 2022, Otile Brown is 38 years old
  5. Is Otile Brown married to Sanaipei?. No Otile brown is not married to Sanaipei but he is dating Nayabet from Ethiopia
  6. Otile brown tribe – Otile Brown is a Luo

There you go, that is all we have for now concerning Otile Brown Biography. Keep it here for more updates

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