Omah Lay Biography, Age, Family and Net worth

Although he is new in the music industry, Omah Lay is now the talk of the town, both Africa and the whole world. Like any other artist, Omah Lay Biography is similar to that of many artists out there.

How old is Omah Lay?

Omah Lay is a Nigerian artist born on 19th May 1998 in a place known as River state in Nigeria. He was born in a music family. Both his father and grandfather were musicians and they played a big role in the music industry.

Omah Lay music journey

His music journey started In 2019 when Omah Lay joined a rap group. Since he was little, Omah Lay was nicknamed Lil king. Although he was young, he had a lot of capability in music.

His first album to be released was titled ” Do not Disturb”. This is the album that laid his music journey foundation.  He was later signed by KeyQaad and he was now fully committed to his music career.

“Get Layd” was his first Ep which made a lot of sales in Apple music both in Nigeria and entire Africa. His music started hitting in different countries after the release of Get Layd Ep. I can say this Ep was his breakthrough.

He later released 5 songs that were on the top playlist in Nigeria. A new album titled “what have we done” was later released and it also did well in the market.

2020 was his year. His music was recognized by apple music and every time they wanted to run an advert concerning Africa music on their platforms, his songs were used.

In the same year, Omah Lay was nominated more than three times and he won the next rated award. He is now signed by sire records and Dvpper who are now distributing his music all over the world.

Omah Lay net worth

At the moment we cannot be able to give any information about his net worth since he is new in the music business. What we are sure of is that he is now rich like any other top artist. He has been performing in different countries for the last one year and he is said to paid a lot of money.

Omah Lay girlfriend and family

When he came to perform in Kenya, Omah Lay was said to be in a relationship with Tanasha Donna who was Diamond Platnumz wife. The report said they were seen together before and after his performance in Nairobi.

Both Omah Lay and Tanasha denied the allegations saying that their meeting was like any other business meeting. At the moment Omah Lay is said to be single with no child.

That is all we have for now about Omah Lay Biography. In case of any updates, we will keep you on a date. Keep it here for more news in the music industry.

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