Nikita Kering Biography, Net Worth, Age, Education, Career and Boyfriend

She is the youngest female musician in Kenya. She is Kalenjin by tribe and she won two awards on Mamas awards which were held some few days ago. Although she is young, Nikita Kering Biography has a lot be covered.

She came to the limelight after recording her first song known as “Tragedy”. The song has a very strong message which addresses relationship issues. Nikita Kering has a very strong and emotional voice.

Although she is young, She understands a lot to do with relationships. Most of her songs tackle relationships.

How old is Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering was born in Nairobi on Feb. 26 in 2002. For those who are not familiar, Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. Anne and Joseph are her parents who support her in everything to do with her music carrier. Nikita Kering is from a family of three brothers being the only daughter in her family.

Education Background of Nikita Kering

Most musicians in Kenya who including Bahati and Willy Paul come from a poor background but it is somehow different from Nikita Kering Biography. Nikita enjoyed her education journey.

She attended some of the expensive schools in Kenya. They include Riara springs academy, Kilimani junior academy and  Nairobi academy. Nikita Kering wanted to pursue business in Technology courses and that is why she joined Brookhouse international school.

When at Brookhouse international school, Nikita concentrated in marketing & production and also Music performance. This is when her music carrier was taken to another level.

Nikita Kering music career

Like most musicians, Nikita Kering started singing when she was still young. She used to perform in different events. She once participated in Emmy Kosgey album launch.

Most people loved her voice and the way she used t perform with emotions. The way people reacted to her performance was an indication that she was doing good in her music career.

When still at school, Nikita managed to pursue both her studies and music. She became better and better every day since she was doing a lot of practice. She also participated in school drama acting on different school plays.

I can say that Nikita Kering was very lucky because due to her hard work, she was signed by Empawa which was led by Mr EAZI. after participating in several pieces of training, Nikita was chosen as one of the 10 finalists who was later trained to handle international performances.

Due to her age, Nikita Kering could not have continued with Empawa. She was forced to drop the training but they promised to support her in her career.

Nikita boyfriend

At the moment we don’t have any information about who she is dating. Nikita Kering usually uses her social media handles to promote her music and she has never shared any lover.

She is still young and maybe that is the reason why she has no boyfriend at the moment and she wants to concentrate on her music career.

Nikita Kering net worth.

For now, it is very earlier to quote Nikita Kering net worth. She is new in music and so far she has not participated much in music performance. Although her family is rich, we can’t use the family asset to determine Nikita Kering net worth.

That is all we have for now concerning Nikita Kering Biography, hope to keep you up to date. Keep it here for more updates.

Listen to one of Nikita songs titled Ex”

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