Mbosso biography, Age, Real name, songs and family.

Mbosso biography

Mbosso is one of the successful artists in Tanzania. He has so far released a lot of hit songs that are doing well in the whole world. At the moment Mbosso is under W.C.B label which is led by Diamond Platnumz. Keep it here for more information about Mbosso biography, Age, Real name, songs and family.

Mbosso date of birth

For those who have been asking, What is Mbosso real name, we got you covered. After he was born, his parent called him Joseph Kulungi. Mbosso is a young artist born in 1991, on 3rd October. This means as of 2022, Mbosso is 30 years old.

His family was not that well of and his parent struggled a lot to raise him. His mother was an ordinary small farmer while his dad was a conductor.

Mbosso family and life

mbosso wife

As I said before, his parents were not that well of. He was forced to work as a waiter in one of the hotels based at Kibiti, Rufiji in Tanzania to help his parent to bring bread to the table.

After completing his O level, Mbosso decided to follow his music dream since his parents were not able to take him to college for more studies he decided to leave for Dar es salam to pursue his music carrier.

When he arrived at Dar es salaam, It wasn’t easy as he thought. He even decided to go back to his rural area but he was rescued by Mkubwa na wanawe who found him playing the Guitar. He was later signed by Mkubwa fella and he was introduced to Mkubwa na wanawe band which was commonly known as Yamoto Band.

Mbosso Music career.

Mbosso joined Yamoto band which was comprised of Aslay, Enock Bella and Beka Flavour. The team released some songs which became hits in the whole of E. Africa.

Due to some disagreements among the members, the Yamoto band came to an end and each and every member was forced to go his own way. Things became hard for Mbosso and he decided to go back to his village.

He joined his parent in farming since they had a small farm. Mbosso was so disappointed and he knew his music career would never bear any fruits.

Rayvanny and Mbosso meeting

When we talk about Mbosso biography, we can’t forget how Rayvanny helped him. Rayvanny saved Mbosso career and I think Mbosso will never forget him

A surprise visit by Rayvanny changed everything for Mbosso. Rayvanny requested Mbosso to go back in singing and he insisted that he will go back to Dar es salam with him.

Mbosso was surprised after Rayvanny took him to Wasafi where he was signed as a new artist by the label. This was one of the best moments Mbosso had in his life.

Working with wasafi label was not that easy since he was supposed to complete a full album before releasing a single song. Although he was provided food and a place to sleep, Mbosso had no money source a situation that tempted him to become a thief.

His first song Watakubali was dedicated to what he had gone through in his life. The song did very well and after that, he released more hit songs under wasafi label

Mbosso house and car

mbosso house and cars

His music career has done great things. Mbosso has his own house and he also built a nice house for his parent. He bought his first car, Toyota land cruiser Prado in 2020.

Mbosso also bought a car for his parent and he has also built some religious houses as a way to say thanks to the Almighty God for making his dream come true.

“Alhamdulillah Rabbi Alaamin ” nina Kila Sababu ya Kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa kunipa nguvu na Mimi Ya Kutimiza ndoto hii niliyokuwa naiyota kila siku kwa ajili ya wazazi wangu …” Leo hii Wazazi wangu wanaanza Kukaa kwenye Nyumba ambayo Mtoto wao nimewajengea Kwa Jasho langu, Asante Mola….”

Mbosso net worth

As a very successful artist, Mbosso is worth a lot of money. He performs in many events where he is paid a lot of cash. Mbosso is also an ambassador of Tanga fresh milk.

Mbosso songs are the most streamed and downloaded songs in E. Africa. He has millions of views on his youtube channel which pays well. Mbosso net worth is approximately $ 70,000

Mbosso wife

mbosso child photos

His wife, Boss Martha died in 2019 after a short illness. At the moment we can say Mbosso is single. Mbosso wife was a member of Cheka tu comedians. They had one son with Mbosso before her death and Mbosso is said to have another kid with a woman known as Rukia Rucky.

That is all we have for now about Mbosso biography, Age, Real name, songs and family. Keep it here for more updates. In the meantime, you can listen to one of Mbosso songs featuring Zuchu attached below

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