Kativui Biography : Ben Mbatha Biography

He is one of the talented artists in Kamba land. Kativui has so far released a lot of songs that are doing good all over Kenya. Although he usually sings Kamba songs, you can be able to judge his singing capability. In this article, we will discuss Kativui Biography, his age, place of birth and so on.

The main reason why a lot of people love listening to and watching kativui songs is his crazy lyrics and dance moves. He has great dancers who always do great when performing in any event.

Kativui wife

Many artists in Kenya usually introduce their spouses and some of them even use them as video vixens. Kativui is different from those artists and he prefers keeping his private life out of the public.

Up to now we still don’t have any information about Kativui wife but sooner we will update you.

Kativui family

Kativui is the fourth born in a family of 8 siblings. She always shares her life history in most of his songs. In one of his song, Kativui narrates how he moved from Kako to the place her parent was living i.e Yathui musoka

Kativui real name is Ben Mbatha. Some of his hit songs include “Dawa”, Makinya makwa and many more.

Kativui date of birth

The celebrated Kamba musician always keeps her private matters out of the public. Up to now, Kativui has never mentioned the date he was born. He prefers to keep his date of birth private but soon as we get information about when he was born we will update you.

Kativui net worth

His net worth can be judged by the kind of life he lives and the hit songs he has. Kativui usually performs almost every weekend. This means he g0t a lot of money through his music which includes online download and streaming.

He has a nice house and different types of cars.

Some of the things you didn’t know about Kativui

  • He started as one of the vocalists in a band that was owned by Ken was maria. The band was commonly known as Yata boys but they parted away after having some issues
  • Kativui later started his own band and his first release was dedicated to Ken was Maria. The songs included, ‘Malanga aa twiikanata namo tata’ and many more.
  • Kativui is a talented guitarist. He usually plays solo guitar. Many of his fans love when he is playing his guitar since he is more talented.
  • So far, Kativui has released more than 16 albums which are all under his name. When it comes to writing, Kativui usually takes little time to write his songs. Some of his album which are well known include, ‘Ngaati sukalini’,’Nithiawa ni kimonda’ and ‘Manzala’ ‘

Kativui songs

Below are some of Katvui songs, You can listen to some of them below

Wendo wa Nthakame

Kativui Mweene – Yiima Ya Mavuti

  1. Dawa
  2. Makinya makwa
  3. Muise itini
  4. Ndikunawa ni ngoo
  5. Maumau
  6. size was kai

That is all we have for now concerning Kativui Biography, we will keep updating you so keep it here for more information.

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