Justina Syokau biography, Age, Family and music journey

Justina Syokau has gone through a lot in her life. She was once rejected by those people she thought were close to her including her own family. In this article, we will cover more on Justina Syokau biography, Age, Family and music journey. Keep it here

Justina Syokau place of birth

She was born in Mua ward in a popular place in Kenya known as Machakos. Like many musicians, Justina was brought up in a church environment. According to her latest interviews, She never missed church. When she was young she used to attend AIC church.

She learned a lot as a Christian and what she can remember up to now is that she was taught to put God first and keep praying. After sometimes, Justina Syokau moved to the Redeemed Gospel Church

Justina Syokau family and marriage life

She met with his dream man at church. Justina was very sure the only thing that could have separated them is death since her fiance was also brought up in a church environment.

After some years of dating, the two decided to make it official and a wedding was planned. The wedding event took place in 2012 at Redeemed gospel church. It was one of the biggest wedding ceremonies.

By bad luck, their marriage never lasted for a long time. Justina husband changed to someone else and he started mistreating her. This started immediately after they started staying with her inlaws.

Syokau husband could leave her without any food or money for more than two days. Apart from that, he was beating her in front of her in-law. Her mother in law was given the power to control thus making Syokau left without a family voice.

Justina after giving birth

Things started going west after giving birth, Since Syokau gave birth through cesarean, it was a bit difficult for her to do some household jobs. A house help from the village was brought to help her. Justina husband started having an affair with house help in front of her.

Justina Syokau was thrown out of the house with her little kid. She decided to go back to her parent who sent her back blaming her for the marriage break-up. She had no otherwise but to go back to her abusive husband.

When he tried to call her husband, he never received her calls and Syokau spent that night in the street. Buy good luck, one of her old friends offered her somewhere to stay. Justina went back to church and after some time she acquired a well-paying job within the church.

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After some time, Justina started recording her music which she used to hawk in churches, streets and in matatus. Her life changed and she was now able to pay her own house rent.

One day her mother who was ailing visited her but died due to some health complications. Since her music career was doing great, Most of her close allies started associating her mother’s death with Syokua success terming her mother’s death as a sacrifice.

Justina Syokau is now a motivational speaker and she is also a hitmaker of Twendi Twendi song which was released in 2020. in 2021, she also released “Twendi twendi wani” which also did great. Her latest song is Twendi Twendi two.

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