Joyce Omondi Biography, Husband and children

She is both a musician and TV host. Joyce Omondi has so far won a lot of awards and her music is loved by a lot of people. She is one of those people who avoids public that why she likes her life to be private. Joyce Omondi left Citizen TV for a few years, but she has returned to host the Rauka show as she used to. In this article, we will focus on Joyce Omondi Biography, Husband and children.

Joyce Omondi age and Education

She is among those people who don’t like their age to be known by the public. Joyce Omondi received her education in Kenya and the United States. Between 2006 and 2010, Joyce attended Knox College which is in the U.S.A.

Her major concentration was Economics with a minor in (IIS) Integrated International Studies. Joyce Omondi was a sophomore senator, a Knox ambassador, and a member of the Harambee choir while at the University.

Joyce Omondi Music career

She recently released her new song titled Jibu. Joyce Omondi has a distinct musical style that defies categorization. Her songs span several genres, including reggae, western and smooth jazz. Joyce Omondi began singing and playing the piano at a young age and began performing at church gatherings in Woodley situated in Nairobi. She later her church choir as a member.

After returning to Kenya, Joyce Omondi released her first hit single song titled Conqueror. This song is dedicated to her father, who was injured in the bombing that happened in American Embassy Kenya in 1998. It depicts his visits in and out of the hospital, as well as how the family coped during that trying time.

Joyce Omondi husband and family

Waihiga Mwaura, a Citizen TV presenter, is married to the God-fearing lady. Waihiga was smitten after meeting Joyce, but she didn’t seem interested at first. She declined his birthday invitation, but once her first song was released, Waihiga upped his game and began publicly tweeting about her. They began dating away from the spotlight after one thing led to another.

Joyce Omondi Wedding

On December 18, 2015, the couple married at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha. Joyce thanked her mother for organizing the event and her best friend for designing the stunning gown she wore. This is the couple’s fifth year of marriage, and they believe marriage is possible, but it requires effort.

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