Jovial Biography

Jovial is one of the talented female artists in Kenya. She nowadays stays in Nairobi although she was born in Mombasa Kenya where she started her music Carreer. She was said to be in a relationship with Otile Brown. Kindly keep it here for more about Jovial Biography.

When she was in primary school, Jovial was always happy. She used to make friends with almost everyone. Every time she was seen laughing and happy and her teacher used to describe her as jovial. That is where the name Jovial came from.

Jovial date and place of birth

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Jovial was born on 1st January 1992. Her real name is Juliet Mariam Ayub. She was born in Mombasa in a place known as Kisauni. Jovial is a songwriter, entertainer and one of the best performing artists.

Jovial music journey

Like many artists, Jovial started having an interest in music when she was still young. Her late mother was the one who inspired her and she is proud of her up to date. When in school, Jovial used to participate in school music festivals. She was also an active church choir member.

Since she was raised in Mombasa, Jovial sing Swahili songs and her style of music is R&B and Afro-fusion with a Zuok twist. Before moving to Nairobi, Jovial used to work with Producer Amz who is a well-known producer in Coast.

There was a time when Jovial wanted to quit her music career. She was even processing her travelling document since she wanted to move to Saudia for domestic work. By good luck, she met with David Guoro, now her manager who promised to support her talent.

Jovial music breakthrough

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Chanda chema was her first song which was produced by Amz. The song was well received by many music lovers and due to this song, Jovial gained a lot of fans. The song received massive airplay on most local radios.

So far jovial has worked with big artists from E.Africa who including Darassa, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy, Mejja and many more. Her song with Mejja, “Pakua” has over more than 2.5 million views on youtube

Jovial music success is due to hard work not forgetting the team behind her. Her latest collabo with Otile brown “Jeraha” is also fairing well and it is now trending everywhere.

Jovial and Otile Brown

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They have been working together for some time now. There was a time Otile Brown was said to have bought a car for jovial but up to now, we have never seen the car.

They later parted and Jovial was said to be working with David Guoro after leaving Otile Brown Label.

The two have recorded a lot of hit songs which include, Jeraha, Such kinda love, Amor and Zichune. All these songs have more than 2 million views 0n youtube.

Jovial husband

Although she has a kid, we still don’t know whether she is still with the father of her Kid. According to some rumours, Jovial separated from her husband and she is now single.

Jovial net worth

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Jovial is both a musician and she is now venturing into acting. Both careers are making money for her and I can proudly say that Jovial is now enjoying the fruits of her hard work. At the moment, we are unable to give the exact amount of Jovial net worth. We will update her wealth status as soon as possible

Jovial Songs

So far Jovial has recorded a lot of songs. She has also done a lot of collaboration with some of the greatest musicians in the whole of E. Africa. Jovial songs include,

  1. Jeraha featuring Otile Brown
  2. Pakua Ft. Mejja
  3. Zichune Ft. Otile Brown
  4. Unanikosha
  5. Usiku Mmoja featuring Darassa
  6. Chechemea
  7. Kioo Featuring Arrow Bwoy

You can listen to some of Jovial songs attached below

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