Jose Gatutura Biography

I’d like to share some facts about Jose Gatutura’s biography, full name, family, and age with you in this article. Jose Gatutura, alias Mashette The King, is a Kikuyu musician who has a lot to offer. Remember this Kikuyu icon was said t be dating Kareh B.

Kareh B denied the allegations but said Jose Gatutura visit her sometimes. This is normal in the Music industry worldwide.

Jose Gatutura Full names

Jose Gatutura’s full name is Joseph Kanyi Kigio, and he is a Kikuyu one-man guitar performer.  Although he usually holds a bottle of beer while performing, Gatutura does not Use alcohol. According to him, he does not see any reason for drinking alcohol because he wants to remain sober while performing.

Jose Gatutura Biography

Jose Gatutura is a well-known Kikuyu Mugithi singer with a powerful voice. He’s written a number of hit songs that have drawn audiences from outside the Kikuyu community who want to see his talent and listen to the beats of his songs.

A lot of people attend his concert and through concerts, he makes a lot of money. He also has a team who sells his music CDs at every performance thus making more money.

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The song “Tuirio Twega” is one of his best performances. Jose Gatutura has high regard for his fans, which prevents him from imbibing alcoholic beverages. A lot of his fans support him since he doesn’t support those men’s who drink. I think this is one of the reasons he has huge support from women.

His talent is a result of his great family lineage of musicians, who have also inspired and shaped him since he was a child.

Jose Gatutura Family

Jose Gatutura wife

Although there is little info regarding his family, wife, or children, his music career has motivated many, and we have compiled a list of his musical highlights.

In the 2000s, he began performing cover songs by other Kikuyu musicians in Nairobi bars and clubs, thanks to his father, a music writer, and his uncle, a singer.

In 2007, he was mentored by a wonderful man who taught him how to write songs and play the guitar.

Top 12 of Jose Gatutura Songs

  1. Ndigithia Ngoma
  2. Ithabu Ria Wendo
  3. Utuku Umwe
  4. Tukuminyua Ithire
  5. Mwari wa Muthamaki
  6. Tuirio Twega
  7. Utuku Umwe
  8. Mwari wa Muthamaki
  9. Njui ya Nja
  10. Thii Ukiumaga
  11. Machete
  12. Gathima Gakwa

Jose gatutura Age

‘Reke Ngure Gitanda’ was one of the first songs that made him famous. Later, when he travelled around Kenya and Dubai, he released more popular songs. After his hit song “Machete,” he became known as the “King of Machete”.

Jose sings very challenging songs; when questioned why, he said the message is tough because it upsets him to watch the moral decay in our town, where girls prefer acquiring money from affluent men over hard work.

Kareh B and Jose gatutura

Before ending Jose Gatutura Biography, We can’t forget his relationship with Kareh B. Although the two usually denies any love relationships, they are very close. They have worked together and recorded some songs together.

Jose incorporated Karen B in four of his songs in 2018, with Mwari wa Muthamaki being the most prominent collaboration between the two.

Karen B is a well-known country music singer and a former actress from Tahidi High. For the longest time, the two were a great match on stage, leading many to believe they were dating.

Jose Gatutura and kareh B

In an interview last year with Hungura Media, he stated that although he doesn’t take alcohol, he is not born again. He added that one day and the right time he will when the time is right he will join the gospel ministry.

Jose stated that he utilizes his job to spread vital ideas through music and that he hopes to record gospel songs later in his career.

Here are some of the songs you can listen to by Gatutura by clicking the link provided.




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