Ibraah Biography, Net worth, Songs and girlfriend

His real name is Ibrahim Abdallah Nampunga. Ibraah is one of the talented young artists based in Tanzania. He is under Konde gang label which is led by Harmonize. He is a good music writer. In this post, we will cover Ibraah Biography, Net worth, Songs and girlfriend

Before his music career, Ibraah used to be a hawker and that is how he survived before starting his music career. Ibraah Biography almost resembles that of harmonize. Remember Harmonize used to hawk tea at Kariakor

Ibraah Birthday and place of birth

As per this year 2021, Ibraah is now 22 years. He was born in Tanzania at a place called Temeke on 3rd July 1998. Temeke is a well-known place where TMK group originated from so the place has a musical history.

Ibraah Education

He attended Lukokoda primary school in Mtwara. Mtwara is also a famous place since Harmonize was born in Mtwara. He joined Lukokodo primary school in 2005 and finished in 2011.

After completing his primary education, Ibraah wasn’t able to continue with his education. His parent was not able to pay for his secondary school, Ibraah had no other option but to start his own business.

ibraah real name

Ibraah Music Journey

Just like a lot of musicians, Ibraah started his musical journey when he was just 8 years. At this time he was in class two. He used to do cover songs before recording his first track.

Duke boy was the one who introduced Ibraah to the music industry. He heard  Ibraah singing from a distance while he doing his usual hawking. Duke boy spotted him and noticed the talent behind Ibraah.

Duke boy had a brief meeting with Ibraah advising him to start recording his own song promising to cater for any recording expenses. Under Duke boy management, Ibraah was able to record his first songs.

Duke boy became more famous and in 2015, he decided to vie for the parliamentary seat. This was another opportunity for Ibraah since he was one of the artists who was selected to campaign for Duke boy.

Ibraah participated in several competitions including one which was held at Mtwara where a winner was supposed to win around 100,000 Tanzania shillings. With almost 36 participants, Ibraah emerged the winner pocketing Tsh 100,000.

Ibraah music breakthrough

It was not easy for Ibraah to meet with Harmonize but being with Duke boy made it very easy. Ibraah used to perform in many places where Harmonize was performed with an aim of meeting Harmonize.

Duke boy tried all means. There was a day Duke boy got Harmonize contacts which he gave to Ibraah. Ibraah tried his luck to contact Harmonize but he never picked his calls.

In 2019, Duke boy became Harmonize mother’s driver. This was a breakthrough for Ibraah since it was now a bit easy for him to meet Harmonize.

Duke boy one day organized a meeting between Ibraah and Harmonize where they were supposed to meet at the studio where Harmonize was recording

Ibraah and Harmonize first meeting

Sinza studio is where the meeting was held. Ibraah was lucky to meet both Harmonize manager Beauty Mmari and producer Bonga. They requested Ibraah to sing for them so that they can listen to his singing capability.

After singing, Ibraah was released and he was told t expect a call after a few days. After six days, Ibraah received a phone call from Duke boy requesting him to attend Sinza studio for recording.

Ibraah was supposed to record a single song which was supposed to be a sample for Harmonize to listen to. Duke boy paid the required recording amount. After the song was ready, Harmonize listened and he requested to meet Ibraah.

After training, Ibraah become a member of the Konde Gang i.e after being signed by the label. Before recording his first song with the label, Ibaah used to visit Harmonize office every day where he assisted in some office work.

“Nimekubali” was his first song. This song was recorded in 2020. The song became very big receiving massive airplay all over media available in Tanzania and East Africa.

He later released his first Ep, “Steps” consisting of five songs. He also did some collabo with his boss Harmonize including “One night stand” which also did very well in international media.

Ibraah Harmonize One Night Stand

Ibraah Girlfriend

There was some rumour Ibraah was Dating Nana who is a Video Vixen. This was after Nana posted her photo with Ibraah name a tattoo.

Nana is the vixen who was featured in Rayvanny video “I love you”. Remember also at that time Nana was rumoured to be dating Rayvanny and this may be the reason why Rayvanny and Fayvanny separated.

Ibraah Nana vixen

Until now Nana has not yet come clear about whether she is dating Ibraah. Ibraah also denied the allegation stating that he is still single and ready to mingle.

Ibraah Networth

Not much is known about ibraah net worth but he is approximated to be worth around $200,000. He may have some houses and maybe some cars but at the moment we don’t have enough information. In case of any update about Ibraah Networth, we will keep you updated about Ibraah Biography.

Ibraah house and cars

Ibraah songs

Listen to mapenzi

  1. Nitachelewa
  2. Njiwa
  3. Wandoto
  4. One night stand featuring Harmonize
  5. Nimekubali
  6. Hayakuhusu
  7. Mapenzi

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