Harmonize Biography, Age, Music carrier and Family

He has a lot of names which include, Tembo, Konde and so on. His real names are Rajabu Abdul Kahali. Harmonize is his stage name and many people like addressing him as Harmonize. Like any other musician, Harmonize biography is a must-read

He is now the owner of the Konde Gang label which he started after separating with Diamond Platnumz, the owner of Wasafi Label. Harmonize has a lot of hit songs so far “Kwangaru” being one of them

Harmonize date of birth and his child life

In spite of being a musician, Harmonize is also a dancer and a good songwriter. He was born on 15th March 1991 in a place called Mtwara in Tanzania.

He is from a poor family and at the moment he is the family breadwinner. Harmonize biography resembles that of Diamond Platnumz since Diamond also comes from a poor family.

Before becoming a successful musician, Harmonize was selling tea in Kariakor Market famous place in the capital city of Tanzania. He used the money he was getting for his upkeep and sent some to his mother in the village.

Harmonize music carrier

Harmonize photos

Before he met diamond, Harmonize had tried his luck almost in every talent search. He was once sent out of the contest after the judges told him that he can’t sing.

Harmonize didn’t give up since his wish was to become a great musician one day. In 2011, he met Diamond Platumz. This was his moment to shine since Diamond was already in the limelight and he was ready to help Harmonize.

He spent almost 4 years before his first song was released. “Aiyola” was Harmonize’s first song which was released in 2015. The song was aired almost everywhere in the whole of Africa.

I can say Diamond Platnumz is part of Harmonize success. Not only Harmonize, but Diamond has also assisted a lot of artists who include, Zuchu, Rayvanny, Mbosso and LavaLava.

Harmonize Album

“Afro Bongo” was Harmonize’s first album which was released in 2019. In the album, Harmonize collaborated with some of the biggest musicians in Africa. Those artists include Burna Boy, Diamond Platnumz Yemi Alande and Mr. Eazi.

Kainama” was one of the greatest songs on the album. In this song, Burna Boy and Diamond were featured. After what was termed as a misunderstanding with his boss, Harmonize left Wasafi and started his own label.

In his label, Harmonize has signed several artists who include, Country boy, Killi, Ibraah and Angella.

Diamond and Harmonize Beef

Of late, Harmonize and diamond are having some issues each blaming each other for their past. Damond stated that Harmonize wasn’t respectful to him advising Rayvanny not to be like him.

Harmonize on his side claimed Diamond should stick with his label and try to help his own artists. Harmonize released his new Album “Highschool”, One month ago and at the moment the album is doing great.

He recently did a music tour in America which was very successful.

Harmonize net worth

So far, his source of income is music. As I said, Harmonize is the C.E.O of Konde Music Worldwide. He does performances and sells his music online.

At the moment, Harmonize net worth is approximate $2 million. We should expect a lot from this artist who is working day and night to make sure his music is always on top

Harmonize house

He has a nice big house which was built in 2020. Harmonize also own several cars which include, Audi, Toyota Vx and Rav 4.

Harmonize wife

He once married Sarah Michelloti but they separated some years ago. Harmonize went ahead and dated Kajala Masanja but they also separated after some conversation between Harmonize and Paula who is Kajala daughter licked.

He is now said to be dating an Australian girlfriend. Harmonize recently posted a photo with her enjoying basketball and you could tell the two were having a good moment.

Briana Harmonize girlfrend
Briana Harmonize girlfriend

There you heard it, that is all we have for now as far as Harmonize biography is concerned. Keep it here for more updates

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