Hamisa Mobetto Biography

Hamisa Mobetto is one of the beautiful women in Tanzania. A lot of musicians uses her when shooting their music videos as a video vixen. Not only the musician but also a lot of companies also take advantage of her beauty to advertise their brands.

She is a musician, a model and a businesswoman.  She has her own company, Mobetto Styles which deals with the latest fashions and beauty products.

When we talk about those women who have been in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz, Hamisa Mobetto is one of them. The two used to be in a relationship and they have a kid together.

Hamisa Mobetto birthday

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Hamisa was born on 10th December 1994 in Mwanza Tanzania. She is now around 27 years old. Every month of December, Hamisa usually organize a party to celebrate her birthday.

Hamisa Mobetto Education

She attended Mabatini Primary school and later joined St. Kayumba secondary School for her O level education.

Hamisa Mobetto life as a model

She is one of the respected models in the whole of E. Africa. She is well known in the entire continent. Her body shape is one of its kind and I think this is one of the reasons why she got a lot of followers. If you have been following her, you must have heard about her relationship with Rick Ross, an American musician.

Due to her massive followers, most companies use Hamisa Mobetto to advertise their brands. Hamisa Mobetto was once used as a vixen by diamond platnumz in “Salome” video. This is the same time when Diamond was in a relationship with Zari Hassan. Alikiba also used Hamisa as a vixen in his song “Dodo”.

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Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz relationship

It all started when both were shooting Salome Video. Diamond was having an affair with Hamisa bearing in mind that she was in a relationship with Zari Hassan at that time.

After learning that the two were having an affair, Zari decided to end her relationship with Diamond Platnumz. After sometimes Hamisa Mobetto was said to be pregnant.

The funny thing about Hamisa and diamond is that they have never declared to be lovers. Mama Dangote who is Diamond’s mother doesn’t like anything to do with Hamisa Mobetto. She has never shared a photo of Hamisa Mobetto’s son on any of her social media.

After releasing Jeje song, Diamond Platnumz posted Hamisa Mobbeto dancing the song. Many thought maybe the two were planning to be together but Hamisa Mobetto came out clearly terming the allegations as false. Hamisa said she was just enjoying good music adding that she can’t be in another relationship with Diamond.

Hamisa Mobbeto as a musician

She is also a musician. According to her, she does music for fun. So far she has recorded some single tracks and a collabo. Some of Hamisa’s songs include; Sensema, Madam Hero, My love and sawa.

Hamisa Mobetto son

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She is a blessed mother of two. Hamisa has a son and a daughter. Her son is well known by a lot of people simply because his father is Diamond Platnumz. His name is Deedaylan Abdul Naseeb who is now three years.

Fantasy is Hamisa’s firstborn and she is 6 years old. Fantasy is the daughter of Dj Majizzo who is very famous in Tanzania.

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Deedaylan Abdul Naseeb, Hamisa’s son was born on 7th August 2017. Diamond wasn’t sure whether Deedaylan was his son. He requested a DNA test which proved Diamond Platnumz as the father of Deedaylan.

Diamond Platnumz had no option but to give child support to Deedaylan Abdul Naseeb. After breaking up with Zari Hassan, Diamond went ahead and Married Tanasha Donna who is a Kenya. The relationship didn’t last for long and after sometimes they separated.

Hamisa Mobetto husband

Hamisa Mobetto is in a relationship with Joshua ( Josh) Adeyeye. Joshua stays in America. The two met in America when Hamisa was having a business trip in America. Joshua ( Josh) Adeyeye is 28 years old and he is a basketball player.

Josh is the guy who was behind Hamisa video ” Tunaendana”. The two are said to have separated. Their relationship took a very short period. In the meantime, Hamisa is in a ‘relationship’ with Rick Ross.

Hamisa Mobetto car

Hamisa owns a Land Rover discovery. According to her, she bought the car with her own money and no one contributed or added any amount. The first time Hamisa was seen with her Land Rover discovery was in 2020 at her birthday party.

Many people didn’t believe that she was the owner of that car. After she posted it on her social media page, a lot of people thought this was just a marketing strategy but they later came to believe the car belonged to her.

Hamisa Mobetto House

She owns a big house which is said to cost around $ 300 thousand. Hamisa decided to post the house after many claimed that she is poor and she owns nothing. Many were shocked after seeing her big and beautiful house.

Hamisa net worth


Hamisa Mobetto wealth is approximately $ 3 million. Her money source is from modelling and being a brand ambassador. Hamisa also gets money from her fashion company which is doing well up o now.

Hamisa Parents

She was raised by a stepfather. According to Hamisa, Her stepfather was a cool father with lots of love. Hamisa respected him so much although he wasn’t his real father. He loved her stepfather so much and she once said she would like to be married to a man who is just like her stepfather.

The first time Hamisa met her real father was in 2007. Hamisa was doing some Christmas holiday shopping in a mall when she met him. She heard someone shouting ” Mum”, Turning, she found her father standing some meters away from her. He wasn’t that happy because her wish was to organize a big event for her first meeting with her father.

She had no otherwise than to meet her father in such a place. Her effort to make their relationship work with her father never happened since her father died some months later after their first meeting

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