Guardian Angel Biography, Age, Family and Networth

If you have been following the gospel industry in Kenya, You must have come across Guardian Angel. He is one of the best gospel artists in Kenya. Guardian Angel became the talk of the town after getting in a relationship with Esther Musila who is older than him. Keep it here as we discuss more concerning Guardian Angel Biography, Age, Family and Networth.

Guardian angel age and Real names

Many know him as Guardian angel but his real name is Peter Omwaka Audiphaxad. One of the most asked questions asked about this man is, is guardian angel a luhya? Yes, Guardian Angel is a Luhya. He was born in 1989 in Kitale Kenya and he was raised by a single mum. This means that as of 2022, Guardian Angel is 33 years old. His family life was not a walk in the park. He spent a lot of time in the street with boys and there was a certain time he was taken to the police station.

Guardian Angel was born when his mother was still in college. This didn’t go well with both his mother and her baby daddy. Guardian Angel’s mother was chased by her own mother but luckily, one of her friends accommodated her. Her baby Daddy refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy leaving Guardian angel mother alone.

Guardian Angel education

What's the real name of Guardian Angel

He was a very bright student. Although his family could not afford to educate him, Guardian Angel’s education was sponsored by well-wishers. When in school, Guardian angel participated in the Music and drama festival. That is when he realized that he had the capability to sing.

Guardian Angel broke the record of the student to be awarded a lot of Awards after participating in Nation level school music festival.

Guardian Angel music journey

Like many musicians, Guardian Angel recorded his first song when he was still in school. After completing his o level he started taking his talent as a career. He recorded several songs which include; Uskonde, Glorious, Pendo, Angel, Sifa and many more.

He has the capability to record any style with a very powerful message. Guardian Angel can both sing or rap. Most of his songs are available on his youtube channel and most people watch them. His song Nadeka has over 3.5 million views on youtube. You can listen to Nadeka by following the link attached below.

Guardian Angel relationship and his personal life

He is a born again christian. Guardian Angel went through harsh life when he was young and as I said before he was sometimes arrested. Due to such situations, Guardian Angel decided to be born again and started preaching the gospel through his music.

At the moment, Guardian Angel is in a relationship with Esther Musila. They met some years ago and in January 2022, they tied a knot and they are now husband and wife. They both love each other although Esther Musila is older than Guardian Angel. Esther Musila is 52 years as the year 2022 and she has three children aged 29,26 and 22.

guardian angel wife biography

Guardian Angel Networth

Guardian Angel net worth remains unknown up to now. Judging by the life he is living, You can tell he has no problem with money. So far his music is selling well online not forgetting revenue from his youtube channel which is doing well.

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