Esther Musila Biography, Age, Husband, Family and relationship

She came to the limelight after she got engaged to Guardian angel. Esther Musila life has been full of mess and she has suffered massive cyberbullying. Her relationship with Guardian angel was not well received by members of the public. In this article, we shall discuss more concerning Esther Musila Biography, Age, Husband, Family and relationship. keep it here.

Esther Musila age and place of birth

Esther Musila was born on 25th May 1970. As for 2022, Esther Musila is 52 years old. She was born in Nairobi Kenya and she has been a youtube creator for some years now. Her youtube has over 18k subscribers. At the moment Esther Musila has 3 children aged, 29, 26 and 23 years old.

Esther Musila career

Esther Musila is one of the successful women in Kenya. When it comes to wealth, she is well off and that is why many people think that Guardian angel fell in love with her because of money although Guardian Angel denied the allegations.

Esther Musila has been working with the international civil servants of the united nation for 18 years. Before joining the united nation, Esther worked as a banker for five years. That is not all, Musila has also worked with program management which deals with sanitation in Nepal and Lagos.

As I said before, Esther Musila is a Youtuber and some of the content she shares is about fitness and health classes.

Esther former Husband

Esther Musila former husband

She was happily married and the couple give birth to three children. Her first husband died leaving Esther Musila with three kids to raise. According to Gilda, Esther’s daughter, her father was everything to them. She has been sharing good memories on her social media and here is one of them;

“Very painful to believe we lost you .you always told us “don’t let life drive you …drive life ” I’m gonna keep that with me forever. RIP my Father. The best dad in the world.”

Esther Musila relationship with Guardian Angel

esther musila wedding photos

After they announced that they are in a relationship, some people congratulated them while others claimed that there was no love between the two. Some claimed the age difference was too much adding that Esther Musila is like a mother to Guardian Angel.

On 4th January 2022, Esther Musila and Peter Omwaka who is commonly known as Guardian Angel tied Knot in a private ceremony which was attended by close friends and relatives. Not many people were expecting the two to have a wedding after all the cyberbullying they have gone through.

esther musila guardian angel

Guardian Angel song, “Rada” was the cause of their relationship. One day when Esther Musila was driving, she overheard the song being played on the Radio by Maina Kageni. She was in love with the song in such a way that she even memorized the whole lyrics.

Esther asked Maina Kageni the singer of the song with an aim of meeting him. They met and became friends and that is how their relationship started.

Esther Musila net worth

Having worked with big companies for some years, she must be very rich. Although she doesn’t like sharing her private life, Esther Musila is a rich lady. Her children are well educated and they attended some of the best schools in Kenya. As for now, we cannot be able to mention Esther Musila’s net worth but as soon we have the information we will update you

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