Diana Marua Biography, Age, Career,Education, Marriage, Children and Family

Most people know her as Diana Marua but she recently changed her name to Diana Bahati. She introduced her new name after joining music and for those who don’t know, Diana Marua also known as Diana Bahati is now a Rapper. Kindly keep it here for more information about Diana Marua Biography.

Before joining the music industry, Diana Marua has been a content creator. She has a youtube channel with over 500K subscribers. Bahati once used her as his video vixen for his song “Mapenzi”.

Diana has a lot of friends and enemies at the same time. Most people criticize her on almost everything but Diana Bahati has never given up. She once admitted cheating on Bahati with another man but she apologized.

Diana Marua date and place of birth

Diana was born in Migori county in 1988. This means at 2022, Diana Marua is 34 years old. Diana father who used to work in a hospital is a Luo while her mother is a Kikuyu. During one of her interviews, Diana stated that her mother left when she was still young.

She is a qualified accountant and she also holds a diploma in professional marketing and communication. She attended both KCA and St. Paul’s university.

Diana Bahati relationship

She is at the moment engaged to Kevin Bahati who is a musician. They met when Bahati was looking for a video vixen. They became friends and they later started dating.

Their relationship is full of controversy bearing in mind that Diana Marua is older than Bahati. They usually don’t care about what people say and they don’t fear even posting to public their intimacy.

Sometimes when Diana Bahati was interviewed, she said that she is not with Bahati because of money but true love. On the other hand, Bahati also admitted being in love with Diana despite her age.

Diana admitted that she used to party each and every day before she met Bahati. Bahati changed her life and she even started attending church services.

Diana Marua Children

They have two kids, a girl and a boy. The Firstborn was born in 2018 and the second born was born one year later. Diana and Bahati have also adopted Morgan not forgetting Mueni who is Bahati’s daughter.

Diana Bahati songs

As I stated, Diana is now a rapper. She launched her music career on 28th November 2021 at Trademark hotel in Nairobi. She has so far recorded two songs that gained more than 1 million views each on youtube within 2 days.

You can listen to her new songs attached below.

One day – Diana Bahati

Hatutaachana – Diana Bahati

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