Diamond Platnumz Biography

A lot of people have information about diamond Platnumz but am very sure they don’t have full information about diamond Platnumz biography. His real names are Nasibu Abdul Juma but most people know him as Diamond Platnumz.

He is one of the top artists in Africa and at the moment he is well-recognized worldwide. His music is now all over the world and a lot of people listen to his songs even if some don’t understand the Swahili language.

Diamond Platnumz birthday

Diamond platnumz photos

Nasibu Abdul Juma was born on 2nd April 1989 in dar es salaam Tanzania. He was brought up in a place called Tandale where he was living with his both mother and grandmother in the same house.
Diamond Platnumz was born in Tanzania. Bongo Flava is the kind of music he records. Diamond Platnumz came to the limelight after the release of ” My number one”. This song has two versions. The first one was his original version while he later did a remix with Davido. Davido is an established artist from Nigeria who is also one of the top artists in the world.
This collaboration between diamond Platnumz and Davido was well received by fans and it had a chance to be aired in international media houses all over the world. Due to this collaboration, Diamond Platnumz held an international media tour making him be recognized worldwide.

Diamond Platnumz family

A lot of people call him Father Abraham since she has kids in every corner. When we talk about Diamond Platnumz Biography, we can’t forget his relationship with different women. On the second of August, 2015, diamond posted on his Instagram page that they were expecting a child with Zari Hassan. After some months, a baby was born and named Latifah but most people know her as ‘Tiffah’
About one year later, Zari Hassan gave birth to a baby boy. Their relationship didn’t last for long. Their relationship ended after Zari Hassan found that diamond was having an affair with Hamisa Mobetto. Hamisa Mobetto was said to be pregnant. She later gave birth to Diamond Platnumz’s son.

Tanasha Donna andDiamond

After ending his relationship with Zari Hassan, diamond started another relationship with Tanasha Donna from Kenya. They had a baby together named Naseeb Junior. Tanasha Donna and diamond Platnumz relationship was the shortest one since they separated with less than 2 years. Till today, diamond Platnumz is single although he is sometimes being seen with some women from America.

Music awards

Historia ya diamond

On 3rd May 2014, diamond Platnumz broke a record after winning 7 awards at Tanzania music awards. Those awards included, Best male writer, best male artist, best songwriter and best male entertainer of the year.
Diamond Platnumz started having an interest in music when he was still in school. In class four, Diamond was doing cover songs from international and local artists which he sometimes performed in some events.

His relationship with his mother

Diamond Platnumz’s mother who is popularly known as Mama Dangote was his number one fan. She offered all kinds of support that her son needed. He used to buy music albums from international artists to assist his son diamond Platnumz with more practice.
His mother used to look for events where diamond Platnumz could perform for payment. She could also look for talent search events with a dream that one day she will find someone who will support her son’s talent. She had a dream that one day her son will become one of the best musicians in the world.
At the moment diamond Platnumz is on the top list of the best musician in the world. He has so far released more than 200 songs, single projects and collaborations with some biggest artists in the world. Some of those international artists include Neyo and Mr flavour.

Diamond Platnumz net worth

He is one of the top paid artists in Africa. Diamond Platnumz is also on the list of the richest artist in Africa. His wealth is due to album sales, music online downloads, performances in many parts of the world. Diamond Platnumz has also participated in advertisements with big companies like coca-cola and many more.
Diamond platnumz is the owner of WCB ( Wasafi) label. He also owns Wasafi FM and Wasafi Tv. He has also signed several artists in his label including, Zuchu, Lavalava, Mbosso and Rayvanny. Through those signed artists, Diamond Platnumz is making millions through their music.
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