Christina Shusho Biography

After hard work from our team, We can now be able to share with you more about Christina Shusho Biography. Some people know her as a gospel female artist from Tanzania but they have little information about this beautiful lady. She has a nice voice and I can confess she is a good writer.

Rather than being a gospel artist, Christina Shusho is also a pastor. She is a good preacher and sometimes she uses her Facebook page to preach to her fans, encouraging them about life and how to deal with it.

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Although she is from Tanzania, Shusho likes Kenya and she has a lot of collaboration with many artists in the country. People from Kenya loves her music so much and whenever she plans an event in Kenya, A lot attend. Her music not only aired in Kenya and Tanzania but also in different countries n the whole world.

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Her beautiful voice is one of its kind and you may keep on replaying most of her songs. As I said before, her ability to write good music always make her relevant all the time.

Her music is dedicated to any age group whether young or old. I think this is one of the reasons why she is unique and a lot of musicians have not been able to take her position. Since she started her music, Christina Shusho has won a lot of awards.

Christina Shusho place of birth

Christina Shusho was born in Tanzania in a place known as Kigoma. She attended both her primary and secondary levels at Kigoma just near her home area.

Christina Shusho before fame

Before becoming who she is now, Christian Shusho used to work in her local church as a church cleaner. A lot of people didn’t even have an idea that one day she will become one of the respected gospel artists in the whole of East Africa.

When she was still working as a church cleaner, Shusho had an opportunity to join the church choir. This is when her dream to become a musician started.

According to her, she was wishing that one day she will record her own songs and become one of the greatest gospel artists in the whole world.

Christina Shusho music journey

Her first song to record was known as ” Kitu gain kitanitenga na Upendo wa bwana” The song received massive support in Tanzania but it didn’t get a good reception in other countries.

Her second and third albums did well both in Tanzania and other countries including Kenya and Rwanda. This is when her music started trending all over and most people wanted to meet her.

Some of the songs in the album included; “Nipe macho nione” and “Unikumbuke” The songs received a lot of airplay in her neighbouring countries thus giving her a big chance to organize performances in those countries. That is when her music started paying. She also had an opportunity to meet big artists in different countries.

Christina Shusho and Ringtone

The two has been friends for years now. Both are in gospel music and that is one of the reasons why the two are close. There was a time ringtone wanted to quit gospel music but Christina Shusho couldn’t let him go.

She offered ringtone some advice and both did a collabo tilted ” Tenda wema”. The song was well-received by fans and up to now, the song is still big in both Tanzania and Kenya.

According to Christina Shusho, she can’t perform in political rallies since this is not allowed in Christian life. She would also not like to lose her gospel fans who won’t be happy if they see her performing in such places. If the politicians chose to play her music in such gatherings, she is ok with it.

Christina Shusho marriage life

Christina Shusho family photos

She received Jesus Christ as his saviour when she was 10 years. As I said before she dedicated her life to church since she was young. He is married to John who has contributed a lot to her life ministry. He has been very supportive to Christina Shusho and he is one of the reasons Christian shusho is where she is today.

They have three kids together, two daughters and a son. Their kids’ names are; Hope Shusho, Odesia Shusho and George Shusho. There was a time the news was all over that Christina Shusho had separated from his husband but it wasn’t true because both are still together up to now.

Christina Shusho as a businesswoman

Despite her busy schedule Christina Shusho is also a businesswoman. She runs a modelling agency in Tanzania. According to her, being a Christian doesn’t mean that you are not required to wear good clothes. You should look smart but make sure you are covering your body as required by Christian teachings. In other words, you should wear your choice but make sure you look decent.

Christina Shusho songs

Christina Shusho has so far released More than 50 songs. Listed below are some of her songs which are still big up to now

  1. Napenda
  2. Unikumbuke
  3. Nipe Macho
  4. Akutendee nini
  5. Mtetezi wangu
  6. Hapo mwanzo
  7. Nitayainua macho
  8. Nataka nimuone Yesu
  9. Mshukuru bwana
  10. Wakuabudiwa
  11. Ushiriki na Roho
  12. Ebenezer
  13. Ongeza hatua zangu
  14. Yote alimaliza
  15. Tenda wema nenda zako
  16. Mapito
  17. Nataka nikae
  18. Mungu Uhimidiwe
  19. Bado nakungoja
  20. Territory
  21. Pendo la Mungu
  22.  mwema wakati wote
  23. Mungu wa huruma
  24. Hallelujah
  25. Unaweza
  26. Songa mbele
  27. All I need
  28. I’m gonna
  29. Wastahili
  30. All I need
  31. Nina wimbo
  32. Bwana utetenao

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