Bongo music playlist : Top 20 of bongo music 2021

Enjoy Bongo music playlist below. Relax and have fun. It is just press and plays and I promise you will enjoy the great music from Tanzania

Bongo music is now becoming international. We must thank Diamond Platnumz. Due to his music, Most artists from Tanzania are now able to penetrate worldwide.

There are a lot of trending songs in Tanzania and each day, new music from different artists is released. A lot of Dj takes advantage of this trending music and there is a lot of Bongo mix everywhere.

Bongo Flava artist includes Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Mbosso, Zuchu and many more. In Tanzania, there are a lot of talented musicians and sometimes it is impossible even to determine the best bongo artist.

At first, Tanzanian artists never believed in copying music from other countries but at the moment, they are doing all types of music. The latest style which is trending in Tanzania is Amapiano which is believed to have originated from South africa.

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