Best Kenyan worship songs : Worship songs playlist

For those who are still looking for the Best Kenyan worship songs, I have prepared some of the best Kenyan Swahili praise ad worship songs. I hope you will enjoy my playlist.

Gospel music is changing each and every day. Some artists have decided to change it may be because of trends or maybe they want to make money with the music.

Some years ago, Gospel music sounded different but nowadays you cannot differentiate between secular music and gospel music. It was a bit difficult for me to have a list of the best kenyan worship songs simply because a lot of gospel musicians have decided to do clubbing gospel.

My list of those gospel artists whom I respect up to date include Eunice Njeri, Christina shusho, Rehema Simfukwe, Mercy Masika,Kambua, Kathy praise and some few others.

Change gospel music

Some artists who used to do gospel music have decided to change from gospel music to secular music. Those artists include Willy paul and bahati.

According to Willy Paul, the people who are in the gospel industry do not appreciate his presence and that is the reason why he decided to quit the Gospel industry.

Bahati had no good reason to leave the gospel industry. Maybe he decided to choose money instead of dedicating his life to the almighty God but who are we to judge.

Better were those days we used to have pure gospel songs when musician used to do gospel to praise God not minding about money. Nowadays it is a bit difficult to even create a Worship songs playlist.

Does it mean that gospel music is not paying? This is one of the questions asked by a lot of people but we don’t have answers until now.

Hope you have enjoyed our playlist. Keep it here for more about the music industry.

You can listen to Komando was yesu – Imekula kwako

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