Bahati Biography

His real names are Kevin Kioko but most people know him as Bahati. He was born in 1992. Bahati Kenya used to be a gospel artist but at the moment he is doing both gospel and secular music.

He is an established artist and he is well known both in Kenya and neighbouring countries. Most people like his music and his music is available on music download platforms and also on his YouTube channel.

Life before fame

Bahati has been brought up like any other kid. He comes from a poor family with an aim of being successful in life. Bahati is an orphan, his mother died when he was in kindergarten. After the death of his mother, his father left him and married another woman.

Bahati never saw his father for four years and since he had no one to help him, he decided to join ABC children’s home in Mathare slums. He started having music interests when he was at ABC children’s home. Bahati used to recite poems both in church and school.

Bahati Music Career

In 2010, Bahati represented St. Teresa’s boys in the music festival. At that time Bahati was playing the guitar He was able to reach national levels which were held in Nakuru. St. Teresa’s boys was a local school in Eastleigh where Bahati used to school.

In 2013, Bahati music journey started officially. He released his first song titled ” siku ya kwanza”. The song was all about his salvation. The song received massive airplay on most radio stations.

In the same year, Bahati was listed among the groove awards nominees. The event was attended by the President of Kenya Mr Uhuru Kenyatta. The whole event was streamed on several tv stations in Africa. Millions of people were able to watch the big event through live streaming.

Later, Bahati released a new song called ” Wangu” it was a collaboration with Mr Seed. The next song after Wangu was “Mama”. Mama did very well In media houses in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

He later released “Machozi” which talked about his life, how he was brought up and the issues he went through in his life. “Machozi” video was shot at Mathare slums where Bahati was brought up.

In the video, Bahati is seen with a group of youth explaining to them how his life was. He is doing so trying to give them hope that they should not give up and one day they will also prosper.

Music awards won by Bahati

Bahati has won more than 7 awards. The award includes; New artist groove awards 2013, most promising artist Mwafaka awards 2013, best male artists coast awards 2013 and many more

He has gained popularity all over the world and most companies use him as their brand ambassador. Some of the big events he has performed and attended include; 2012 groove awards and the peace concert which took place in Nakuru.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati is married to Diana Marua who is a beautiful lady and they have a kid together. He also has another kid with another woman whom they met before Diana Marua. Some months ago, Bahati released an EP which is doing well at the moment. He has done some collaboration with Tanzania artists including Rayvanny and Aslay.

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