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Nowadays the competition among female artists is becoming wider than before. Some years back the number of female artists around the whole world was not that much as it is today. In today’s article, we will cover Anjella TZ Biography, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Career and so on.

There was a time in Tanzania had just a few female musicians but nowadays there is a lot of female artists who are doing great in the bongo music land. Anjella TZ is one of the female artists in Tanzania who is doing great work although she has been in the industry for a few years.

Anjella Date of birth and Real name

Angelina Samson George is her real name. She is now 21 years old since she was born on 3rd October in the year 2000. She is one of the talented female artists in Tanzania who is capable of composing her song in both Swahili and English songs.

Anjella music journey and career.

She is signed at Konde music worldwide label which is owned by Harmonize. She started her music career in 2021 after Harmonize discovered her talent. I can say that Anjella has not struggled musically since her talent led her to one of the established labels in Tanzania.

At the moment, Anjella has released more than 3 songs under Konde Gang. Some of her hit songs include “Kama”, Nobody and all night which is a collaboration with Harmonize.

She is the youngest and the only female artist in Konde gang. Other artists signed by Konde music worldwide include Ibraah, Killy and country boy.

Anjella education background

Not much is known about Anjella educational background but the way she sings say it all that she is an educated woman. Her representation to the public also suggest she is a learned fellow. She may have attended an international school probably outside Tanzania.

Anjella Boyfriend and Family

Up to the moment, Anjella has never posted any lover on her social media. In some of her interviews, she has never mentioned being in any relationship.

We think her time is not yet to be in any relationship and maybe she wants to concentrate more on her music career. Most female artists avoid being in relationships simply because their boyfriends may restrict them from doing music.

Anjella Tz songs

Kama Ft. Harmonize

Nobody Anjella

There you heard it, that all we have for now concerning Anjella TZ Biography. As soon as we get more details concerning this beautiful soul, we will keep you up to date.

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